Recommended Contributions

Transportation is expensive and people sharing rides should expect to share the expense. However opinions vary as to what's fair so discuss contributions before departing. Use the table below as a starting point for negotiations. Keep in mind:

  • You're not locked in. You can always renegotiate once you meet.
  • Door to door service is valuable and should be taken into consideration.
  • Carpoolers can arrange to pre-pay on a weekly or monthly basis.
Review the assumptions below and adjust your figures accordingly
Example: type in “Nelson BC to Vancouver BC”
Number of Passengers
Fuel Economy of Car
15 mpg
5 km per litre
19 litres/100 km
20 mpg
7 km per litre
14 litres/100 km
25 mpg
9 km per litre
11 litres/100 km
30 mpg
10.5 km per litre
9.5 litres/100 km
35 mpg
12 km per litre
8 litres/100 km
40 mpg
14 km per litre
7 litres/100 km
45 mpg
16 km per litre
6.3 litres/100 km
50 mpg
18 km per litre
5.6 litres/100 km


  • Cost of auto and insurance
  • Maintenance and tires
  • Fuel costs

* Estimates based on a Honda Civic LX driven 18,000 km/year

Source: Driving Costs, Canadian Automobile Association