Ride Details
Details for a ride posted by Tamias
Type of Ride:Off-Island Needed
Starting Point:Mansons Landing, BC
Destination:Vancouver, BC
Preferred Departure Date:May. 8, 2017
Departure Flexibility:± 8 days
Need a Ride For:People Only
Will ride with:Women or men
Will ride with:Non-smokers only
I'm able to contribute:$50
Licensed to Drive:No
Trip comments:Ian and I are going to Vancouver for our baby's birth. A ride would be very, very helpful. I have a TAP form that will cover your vehicle ferry fares, and I can also help pay for gas. We can pack really light if you have space for two humans but no luggage.
Contact Information
E-mail Address:tamiasbackpack@gmail.com
Phone Number:(250)935-0067