Ride Details
Details for a ride posted by devyn
Type of Ride:Off-Island Needed
Starting Point:Victoria, BC
Destination:Campbell River, BC
Preferred Departure Date:Apr. 23, 2017
Departure Flexibility:± 5 days
Need a Ride For:People Only
Will ride with:Women or men
Will ride with:Smokers or non-smokers
I'm able to contribute:$50
Licensed to Drive:Yes
Willing to Share Driving Duties:Yes
Operate a Manual Transmission:Yes
Trip comments:i'm looking to get from victoria to campbell river to catch the ferry around sunday april 23rd, or monday 24th. I'm looking to return from campbell river to victoria on wednesday april 26th or thursday 27th. I will have one larger backpackers bag, which i can put on my lap of space is an issue. please contact me if you have a ride.
About The Poster: im a friendly, and respectful 30 year old. I have over 15 years experience driving both standard and manual if you'd like to share the driving.
Contact Information
E-mail Address:devyn.cascan@gmail.com