What if I have a disability or special needs?
  • Asking for assistance
    It’s always OK to ask for help. Most people are eager to help if they can. However, do be specific and ask in advance as not every person will be able to assist with every need (for example, people with back problems may not be able to help with your groceries)
  • Assistive devices
    You’ll need to make sure that their car has room for wheelchairs or other assistive devices.
  • Help getting around
    Let people know if you need help getting in and out of the car or getting to the door.
  • Special needs
    If you have any special needs be sure to tell people what accommodations you will need. Be as specific as possible. Also let people know if they need to plan extra time to accommodate you.
  • Door to door drop-off
    It’s common to have people drop you off at the door of your destination but ask in advance as sometimes people’s schedules don’t allow them to go off their route.
  • Waiting for rides
    If it’s difficult for you to wait (for example, if you can’t stand or sit for long), be sure to tell people in advance and make arrangements for them to be on time. Make sure they understand how important this is to you. Also make sure they’re able to be dependable. For example, people with children often can’t be as punctual as they would like. Also make sure their idea of what’s on time is the same as yours. For some people, on-time may include being up to a half hour late. Clarify things in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  • It’s OK to ask for bathroom stops
    It’s perfectly fine to ask for as many stops as you need! Don’t avoid trips or social events for fear of needing a bathroom stop. And don’t be too embarrassed to ask. Everybody has to go sometime! If you happen to know in advance that you may need a stop, do tell the people you’ll be riding with and suggest some good stopping points. But if the need to go comes up unexpectedly along the way, by all means request a stop rather than soldiering on in pain and discomfort.