Is it OK to turn down a ride?
  • It’s always OK to turn down a ride
    Take care of yourself first! It’s your responsibility to not agree to anything you’re not %100 comfortable with, and it’s OK to decline if you feel even the slightest reservation. Don’t disregard your better judgement trying to protect others feelings. You don’t need to explain anything to anybody. People worth caring about will respect you for honouring your intuition and will know not to take it personally. If you need to say no, just thank them for the offer and say you’re not feeling up to it at this time.
  • It’s also OK to change your mind at any time
    However, you should tell people as soon as possible so they can make other plans. It’s not OK to just not show up.
  • Ideas for declining politely
    If it feels awkward turning down a ride or changing your mind, here are some ideas for declining politely:
      When meeting potential Rideshare drivers or passengers:
    • I’d like to think about it. I’ll call if I decide to go ahead.
    • If your references check out, I’ll give you a call.
    • I’m still deciding if ridesharing is right for me. I’ll let you know.
      If you’ve changed your mind before the ride and want to cancel:
    • I’m sorry, some things have changed and I’m going to need to cancel. Thanks for offering to rideshare with me.
    • I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling up to it. Thanks for your offer.
      If you’ve started a ride and decide you don’t want to continue
    • I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling up to travelling today. Could you let me out so I can make my way home?