Is it safe to share rides with strangers?
    Thousands of people have shared rides on Rideshare and very few have reported unpleasant experiences. However, when dealing with people you don’t know, you should always proceed with caution.
  • Meet people first
    The best way to ensure your ride turns out well is to make arrangements to meet the people you’ll be sharing rides with in advance and get a sense of who they are. For short trips, ask if you can arrange a few minutes to chat before departing. For longer trips (e.g. to Vancouver or Calgary), ask if they’ll join you for coffee at a local cafe in advance of the departure date so you can get to know each other and discuss details.
  • Ask about the vehicle
    Enquire about the age and condition of the car, whether or not it has appropriate seasonal tires, and so on.
  • Ask about the driver
    Find out if s/he drives the speed limit, is a conscientious driver, has sufficient insurance coverage, and so on.
  • Ask for references
    You can also ask if they can provide you with references such as employers, family members in the community or other people they’ve shared rides with.
  • Alcohol and drugs
    Are never appropriate for rideshares. Everyone using Rideshare is expected to show up sober and stay that way until the destination is reached. If a driver shows up intoxicated, even mildly, then the Rideshare is automatically cancelled. If a passenger shows up intoxicated, the driver or any other passengers can bar them from the ride, even if the Rideshare is already en route. If you suspect the driver is intoxicated at any time, exit the vehicle as soon as possible.
  • It’s always OK to say no
    If you feel any reservations, just thank them for the offer and say you’re not feeling up to it at this time..